or you might miss out on the runup to 191.
Potentially higher, but likely into next week.
154 is looking likely should we break under trend.
Basically per this chart, either tesla is ready to make a move to the upside, and it looks like a quick move pre earnings.
If TSLA drops today into that support zone, it can trigger a run up to 184, and then possible 191.
Hard to say exactly when or if it even hits 167.99, but at some point during a move like that, if it should occur, there will be time to grab some options and make a few decent trades. Depending on your style.
If you're just investing to hold long, you want to buy pretty much sub 169.
Lowest price I see atm is 109, but it might actually hold the levels at the 150 range.

Good luck!!
dont be fooled with this slight uptick. Wait for a conformational move which is projecting around 10:34 to 10:50 but timing can be very hit or miss so it is important to stick with your strategy and follow price targets and trends to reduce risk.

Give it some time to dip if you haven't bought in already sub 170. There is always another opportunity to buy something with money, but not so much if you lose it chasing a movement that you're already late for.
rejection near 174 with a price swing down to 166 can pull the price up quickly to both price targets.

There is however trend support forming on a weaker chart, which implies we see it briefly rally, I believe that comes in around 171.9

I would still really love to get this at my target price, but you never know. Like I said, it doesn't have to go that low. It can easily start to melt up to 179, then 184 then 191 then 209.. without ever seeing 169.99-165.99
We got a nice open with the expected movement up to 174. Question now is if it holds, rejects or absolutely blasts over that price threshold.
I still think a rejection around this zone (it can melt up to 183 no problem) but a better more natural movement in price would be the rejection taking us down to 169.99 and maybe slightly lower, it would bounce trend, reset indicators and setup for one hell of a bounce and movement within the options, especially after the open and potential cool down from theta.

Here is the setup, almost a dream setup so far with how it's going. Ideally we see everything meet up in the one area.
Shoot for under 170, maybe 168.90
idk, but this is still really great for alignment, Let it reject 172 again and start to drop down to price targets near mid day, and then reset into the bullish movement we are hoping for.

Remember, just because it has followed prediction so far does not at all guarantee future results so please do be careful, I really don't want anyone losing money when it isn't needed.

I'll try to keep updating whenever I see anything new. I don't normally day trade like this, but special occasion on this chart alignment.
favorable buy :)
For bulls, at least.
Could it keep crashing.
Will it?
Either way, statistically, it is favorable percentages at this point.
Good luck! Hope you're all making $$$$
cursive on a laptop touchpad is hard.
it says "very Bullish"
it refers to the chart, which is indeed looking quite bullish.
LOOK FOR 168.88
Movement is about to get weird I think.
Close over 175.03 is big for anyone into the daily close price.
Alright, I'm starting to see this a little better as far as what is more likely, but also could be completely wrong. But it looks like finishing out the move to 177 maybe even 179 after a small drop can bring us down to the 165 target, which would then almost put the odds above probably 90% that should we hold that range, we'll see another decent move to the upside (184 and 191)
Cool face to Cool face is about 12% which isn't unheard of with Tesla. So we're within range of a very realistic looking move and even if it doesn't follow this pattern, the trends and price targets are still very important.
If we break up and over that pink trend and RSI is favorable for a bullish position, it would be a time to chart out the possibility that the price just keeps going up.
Dream scenario: 7:45am rolls around and Tsla is all like "what up dawg, we bought another billion in BTC, and DOGE" and then Tsla instantly gaps up like 25% and we all become super rich.

Okay, real scenario. Not much has changed, however, the dip down is kind of neat as it allows for a move from 172 to 177, which actually has more potential at that point to breakout and run vs the scenario I posted 3 hours ago.
Change name to never sleep on TSLA ever?

Yeah, the breakout price is, and I'm saying this as a total guess because I don't know fully, but it's, and I'm only throwing out a number to give a better idea of the range because again, I'm not sure.. BUT 176.4

AND AGAIN, NO CLUE.. BUT the better movement to see the breakout would be bypassing 177 and rejecting 179. Catching support at 176.4 and then taking off from 177.
not sure if I want to suggest this because it will sound like I'm saying the price will go this way, this is more or less just preparing for a potential scenario and being ready in multiple direction.

But should we see the move where we reject 179, takeoff from 177, you're likely looking at a "safe" exit around 182.9 (it can go higher, but especially if you're trading options, it may cool down even if the price continues to move up).

This is a little advanced for some of the people following this chart so don't do anything you're not comfortable with, but should we see the jump to 179, you're going to want to buy the dip, not sell the jump (yes you can trim profits, roll.... whatever), but essentially you want to double down and really get greedy, but safe (182.9) overall. Which is where the price target comes in. AT 182.9 we could see the pause maybe even 183.9 idk.. but this will give you time to literally restart a new position like a clean slate. Is the next move up or down from there, probably down, but I really don't know at this point in time.

Okay, summary.
Prep for a few price targets and big movements that could but don't have to occur today.
Be greedy.
Don't sell into the pump too early. Ride the wave till your trading strategy has you exiting.
Don't lose money because this move is like 8% or something, but could profit big if you know how to play a shorter trading game. AGAIN "KNOW HOW TO PLAY" don't just yolo options but if you do and become a multi millionaire, I'd like a helicopter.

Low target is still showing as 164 to 168. Be ready for that as well. It lines up with mid term support so like 182, you should see a pause in price action.

Really really low price target takes us to 132.

Hope I covered everything.
This looks super bullish if you're still following along.
Trend Support, Horizontal Support, RSI, Bands, Retracement into open.
Be patient. There may still be a better price in the next 30 minutes or so
This is heading into the dip you want to be ready to buy on if you're willing to chance it at these levels. Otherwise if you're cautious, you can absolutely wait and see if we reach 168.
I'm liking the upside move to 179 and I think there is potential to hit today, but I don't think it closes near that price and probably lower.
171.3 or as your ideal option buy bottoms out.
back at support and bouncing. If you're buying here, you're likely looking for a quick trade. Should it bounce you may get it before 3pm. I wouldn't really risk anything after 3pm and over the weekend. Well, maybe, idk.
This price target holding still takes price right to the expected zones, but timing wise, we may have to wait till next week, which is currently still bullish in projection, but obviously can change very quickly so grain of sand on that statement.

TLRY is one that I'm always looking at one friday.
Good news, we held support.
Bad news, we didn't get nearly as big of a movement as hoped. And there is still downside that hasn't cleared.
AMD has cleared that downside, Tesla could wait until Monday morning to do it.
TLRY is worth a look, but highly risky and heavily shorted and manipulated.
GME is worth a look to $21 should it hold this level.
Apple doing something.
Stay away from AMC.
Dogecoin is near a price target that doubles.
Shib too.
Many more alt coins.

Other than that, I think we'll call it a day for the market.
Good luck next week everyone! Thanks for following along.
We wanted moon,
we got
"Low target is still showing as 164 to 168. Be ready for that as well. It lines up with mid term support so like 182, you should see a pause in price action.

Really really low price target takes us to 132."

I still really like this support zone even though we dipped. Next dip takes us to 161 and 154, next bounce takes us to 175, 180. I'm not sure what is next.
Charts say it's not unreasonable to see the downside into tomorrow morning, Charts say it's not unreasonable to see the downside in the afterhours. Charts say it's not unreasonable to catch support and see the upside for the rest of the week into Thursday/Fri.

Good luck and hope whatever you pick, you end up making a ton!!!

Sharing an idea from another user. The idea being, Tesla could slip under $100.
THIS IS TOTALLY REASONABLE. I've seen these numbers, although, I've only seen them to 84. BUT MORE LIKELY, if it does slip under 100, and again, this is my opinion. IT will probably be earnings, AFTER HOURS. It would be some quick up and down movement, big impulses down, big return and levels out.
Personally, This is the move I'm looking for to start the upside climb to 420.
If you want an example of a similar move in the market.

But, you can see how the move can spring a topside move of greater than 420 or around 4 to 6x on a trade.

99.98 would be a nice number.


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