Wall Street Cheat Sheet — Psychology of a Market Cycle

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Comment: Denial stage is active.
Comment: Panic stage is active.
Comment: Denial stage is closed ;). Panic stage is still active. Do not forget to check my other analyses. Tip - #BTC:18dLUfDVkzFdEb5TPQvfZ452JprraG4jtt #ETH:0x0c9d7158434dd426b15b33db25acf7115fcab2ea
Comment: It seems that Denial Stage has not close yet. Denial Stage is still active still. Be careful... “Do Not Bite At The Bait Of Pleasure ‘Till You Know There Is No Hook Beneath It.”


thanks! this is perfect.
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nice this is my expectation
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can we get an update/// cheers!
V1king nattyoo7
but the idea is the same
dude... the only thing here.. is that you need to drop your arrows... because euphoria is not on the top... is before the top and that is what triggers the last push... so if there was euphoria right on the top it would go higher... The top should be like airplane star zero gravity.
We haven't hit mania yet. This correction is only building hype for the biggest bubble of 2018. Even the people who bought at around 11k aren't even flinching.
Once BTC hits 50k and drops to 15.. that's when real despair sets in.