The Scariest Chart A Bitcoin BEAR Has Ever Seen - BTC RAMPAGING!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
This is one of those charts that might trigger an "OH CRAP!!!!" feeling for those who sold into the Bitcoin capitulation back in November-February. If you're still hoping for $3,000 Bitcoin . You might NEVER get it.
Comment: This was a warning shot fired. There are likely a few days of consolidation ahead of us now, then we'll break that current high, get into the $14,000s, and start a real correction. Will assess how deep that correction could go once we get there. But, as for now, take this as a precautionary warning shot fired.

ALT/BTC pairs looking juicy.
Comment: My thoughts on this correct with current price movement:

Comment: I still see same scenario:


So you changed your mind ?
3 Jun you said we are going back to 4k
Thanks in advance
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SecludedJ MagdyEl-Nidany
@MagdyEl-Nidany, in the analysis I have a price zone and stated if we exceed $11,800, it will keep going up.
Hahaha, you are right! This is crazy FOMO!
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Given the continued drop, has that changed your prediction of going to the 14k area before the drop, or do you now think the larger drop has began? Thanks!
SecludedJ Johnthebull
@Johnthebull, I still believe $14,800 will happen.