Secret Indicator Shows When To Buy Bitcoin In A Bull Trend

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hey, guys!

Today, I decided to show you the indicator, that tells us if we are in a bull trend and when to buy the dips inside that trend.

In these charts, we are looking at a longer time frame and weekly price action in order to see the big picture more clearly.
As you can see we are inside our first dip of 2019/20 bull trend. If you compare that to 2016/2017 bull trend you can see we are still at the beginning of the trend.
It is clearly shown by the indicator that we moved from bear to bull (from red to green) and it's been confirmed. There are still some people considering if we are in general bull and if the bear can return!?
I think this graph will clear the picture for all. We are in a bull trend with 95% probability. What else do you need to invest? Probably good price. Well, we are close to the best BUY SPOT also!

The indicator was not made by me so I can not give you access, but you can ask the author.
Unless I show him how many want it and have a word with him about sharing it with others also.
Let me know in the comments if you are interested in it and if enough people respond I will try to talk with him about it.

Hope it will help you stay calm in times of (FUD) dips and enable you to buy when the opportunity is here.
In the end, this is not financial advice, but the idea can help you when doing your own research.

Stay humble, stay strong!