Crypto bull market about to being until early 2025

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The majority of market participants are not in the slightest bit prepared for what is about to happen. The sentiment is beyond bearish . Consistent media stories seem to have programmed us all to accept recession is coming, markets are going to crash, war is coming, the skies are falling, tides are rising, basically Armageddon.

It’s all true. Recession is coming. But let me tell you something about recessions, they are fantastic transfers of wealth. Recessions benefit those ‘in the know’ who accept change whereas those ‘resistant to change’ will find their wealth erode.

On to the TA…

The above chart is 3-day candles with almost 10 years of data.

The 3-day death cross is perhaps one of the most consistent reliable signals to take a long position within the crypto market. Yes, death crosses do not exactly scream ‘buy’, but that’s exactly what the 5% of market participants are doing. Did you know the top 100 Bitcoin wallets just added almost 20,000 Bitcoin to their wallets alone in the last 24 hours! Guess who sold it to them?!

While we only have two data points to examine, there’s a number of factors to consider:

1) A ‘incredible buy’ signal is printing at this moment (purple circles), it is yet to confirm. Once it confirms I’ll update this idea to ‘trade active’.

2) Those orange circles highlight the 3-day death crosses.

2a: price action falls below and rejects 3-day/50-day SMA (blue line).
2b: death cross prints.
2c: price action bottoms.
2d: Price action recovers 2-day/50-day SMA , the rest is history.

Is it possible price action falls further? For sure.

Is it probable? No.

A buy from $22.5k is amazing if you can get it, if somehow it is pushed down there. Don’t worry about the panic, just grab it with both hands. For the record, I’m already long, there’s no way I’m trying to time this market.

Good luck!


Type: investment
Risk: <=6% of portfolio
Timeframe: 18-36 months
Return: 800% minimum
Comment: No, no 'buy' signal yet.. calm down.

The weekly chart on BTC price action is printing candles below the lower log growth curve. Hadn't noticed before. Look left. This is the 2nd time in BTC price action has print below here.

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Allow up to 6 months on Crypto ideas.

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