Is BITCOIN making a bearish bump and run reversal?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Looks like BITCOIN ( COINBASE:BTCUSD ) is making bearish Bump and Run Reversal, currently it broke the running up channel , making the Bump, when the bump loses momentum, it will start to collapse, and it will comeback into the channel, then breaking the channel it self.

The max target could be where the run started, which is at $3900 area, but it could bounce at the trend line at $6000 and never continue down that tend line maybe for a long time.

Look at the (Opaque Red Box) for price range.

What is your opinion?

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Great idea. Bookmarked and following it.

What we know about Bitcoin is that ANYTHING goes, so this is totally doable and honestly, expected. How can we just go parabolic forever? Not going to happen and has never happened with Bitcoin before.

People all over the world have a very short memory, and they aren't looking at the big picture. We're in for a MASSIVE correction.

Who is selling right now and who is buying? THAT's the question of the day.

Trade well friends!
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@chartfella, wonderful point of view. Agree
The map shows it has def done the same thing in the past. I think it’s big money whales driving the market milking lambo hopefulls. Best strategy is to do as whales do. Be fearful when they’re greedy... I’m out for now. We’ll talk at 13k or so.
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Not impossible, we'll have to wait and see
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@Shibuia possible but not probable, the most possible retracments are 17200, 16500, 14100 and maybe 12100. In the most extreme scenario it will goes to 10K.
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@BavanTrader lol you know nothing 🤷🏾‍♂️
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@CringeCrypto, which part of my comments has been wrong? It seems you have change you to me in your sentences.