idk, playing with lots of things here (spiral from bottoms visually fit; vertical spiral from circle on bottoms; circle from trend left where it is; same circle from trend visually fit to .628 (2pi/10) as resistance - with 1 and 1.128 forming support)

i think the most important thing to keep in perspective if you're sus of this kinda stuff is nothing is random, every shape is based on prior PA. bottoms, trends. there is nothing new under the sun. it's just harmonics expressed geometrically. it's just like using fibs. suspend ur disbelief, it's a map of psychology

confluence, recursion, harmony

ur mum

welcome ideas on how far we will retrace here, good show bullas

just to remind myself i did the spiral from the 1.128 bottoms circle bc that's what bitty respected on the way down. oh also looken at a bear bat harmonic , also my pricetime fibs, which i'm sorta just beginning to play with, have a lotta confluence tomorrow afternoon reversal. NFA especially on that one

first new michael s jenkins vid in 3 years, gonna be good 2023!


so...i learned...something today lol

orienting spiral differently. same spiral, just fit to the inside of the move, concave sorta, rather than convex. the other way worked really well during bear, but not for parabolic moves! so...important lesson lol


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