A Bitcoin Fib-Time Based Cycle Concept

Here we look at a quirky emoji infographic showcasing one of five potential Bitcoin cycle concepts. Using trend-based Fibonacci Time Extensions, I've drawn them since the inception of Bitcoin's first impulse rally from 2009 to its 2013 all-time high. These are then projected sequentially four times to 2025. While it seems simple, and not perfect, it appears to be quite effective and has not been invalidated to date.

Importantly, this is not a price prediction or estimation, nor does it offer an overall bearish or bullish take. Although the outlook seems bullish, cycles can play out over years, and we may not have seen Bitcoin's final cycle just yet. This is why it's the first of five concepts (long & short Term) I'll explore and adapt alternatives in the coming weeks and months.

This merely presents a conceptual analysis of Bitcoin's time and cycles, highlighting key pivotal points worth watching. Timing can be just as crucial as managing risk. Having a plan to correlate these factors allows you to spend less time watching charts and more time enjoying whatever you want.

Key Takeaways:

  • With a 1-2 weeks variance, each fib level (signpost) approximately triggers the next phase. It is within that phase expect the noted legend and take that mindset.
  • Each fib range marks 1456 days with 728 being the halfway point of each sequence. Note that 0.5 is not an actual fib level.
  • Once a cycle of phases is completed, rise and repeat.
  • We just passed the Halfway point in early Nov 2023.
  • This current cycle is projected to end in Nov 2025.

This is purely a concept and not financial advice. I apologise for the resolution. A screenshot can be viewed here:

I thought it was would wise to post an update on the Fib Time Concept #1. On May the 13th this ending weeks close we exit out of Half Time opportunity and enter into a new phase signpost of
Steady Ready > The hard works done, take a break, we good!
As the description suggest, we should start to see some clear indications that this down turn could be coming to a close. Bear in mind sign post do not trigger the move, they only set the tone over the coming weeks within the signpost ranges. It could be weeks before we see anything. We will have to see if this theory plays out or not.

Update: Weekly closed and we are now in the Steady Ready phase. Zooming in on the daily, for when this fib time triggered seems to actually took off on the exact day. Although I base this on a weekly timeframe it's nice to see that we got a projected move upward.

Typically on the close of the week surpassing the signpost, we do not see price reenter below ever. Will this time be different or not?