BTC Bottom in

The BTC bottom is in. This is the last scary candle before the start of the slow rising.

One of the major facts that contribute to the bottom is in theory this week was the Donald Trump NFT collection launch, here are my brief thoughts on it:

- Donald Trump surprisingly launches his NFT collection in 180 degrees move in his opinion about crypto. He has just launched it now, after FTX fall, after Sam went to jail, very close to XRP settlement, close to BTC bottom and on the Polygon network.
- Trump is also an official candidate for the US presidency which makes things very interesting because now his opposition has only two options, take a contrary approach to crypto to attack Trump or make their own NFT to compete and not let him get the benefit alone. I see a next-to-zero chance of Trump's opposition going against the industry just to attack him, that would be very silly, so we are going to have some sort of "Democrats NFT" coming shortly. In politics, if you don't have what your opponent has, you are losing. Trump NFTs are already sold out, if you like it or not, the news about it was all over the place. To catch up, and show that they also can, the democrats will launch their own for sure.

This scenario brings a very interesting thing. Having politicians, of the major American parties using blockchain to launch their NFTs, put them in a seat that is hard to condone the industry. How Trump can now criticise cryptocurrency if he is the one using it?

I have to admit, this was a very smart move by Mr. Trump.

*I don't care if you like Trump or not
*I am not interested in the quality of the NFT, just the fact that they were launched
*This is not about politics so if you are a trigger-brainwashed militant, please go away
*If I am wrong and BTC drops to 12k, bad luck, I was wrong, and that is all
Looking ok
Keep going!

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