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Among my other ideas, this one is more or less relating to how long a correction may last. Back in January when we capitulated from 42k to 29k , it took roughly 24 days to start feeling a recovery. We were signalled a recovery when we found hidden bullish divergence on the Daily RSI as well as MFI holding steady during the dip. It's been 22 days so far for us and have dropped roughly 13k . It feels kind of similar to January in that regard.

So, what I'm waiting for before becoming all-to-bullish is daily (hidden or not) bullish divergence pretty soon here.

I'm still convinced we're in a bull-market (see related ideas '259k Bullmarket Top & How' & 'This time is no diferent'), but the only thing that'll worry me is sideways action through the end of October... Only then will I become bearish (see '1 for the bears' idea)