It's Clear To Me - Bitcoin Has Started Bull Market - 2 Scenarios

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hello Everyone,

I want to say that I fully believe we have started the bull market. And, that we might have a scary move coming up with our final shakeout of weak hands. It would be a fall straight down to $3800-3850. In my opinion, this is the final chance to buy Bitcoin at these prices.

That is... if it happens. If we somehow get through $6100 with force on Bitstamp , we are likely heading to $9800.

If we get rejected at $6100, I'm expecting a sharp fall to $3800.

Either way, the bull market has started, even if it falls by ~35% to $3850. The question is, will those who sold out during the November / December capitulation get their chance to get back in? Time will tell.

As always, you are responsible for your own decision making. I provide this information without asking for anything in return. I am not selling courses or calls. I am not a financial adviser. I just enjoy trying to solve the puzzle.

Good luck!

Comment: There are people who are very scared of that 10-minute flasher down a couple days ago. But, just hit play on this chart, look where it went to...
Comment: BTC just hit $9600. We are nearly there to $9800. Get ready. This will scare many with a strong pullback to $6,000.

If for some reason we induce FOMO and break $10k, follow this idea:

Trade closed: target reached: $9800


Nice! We all need to be realistic! There is no neverending pump! It never happened
@SecludedJ Buddy cool strategy. I think everything will work out. I will follow you, interesting how it will end