BTCUSD: Remember, Remember the 5th of November...

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Hi Everyone! The time frames more worthy of note are the 4-Day, 11-Day and 12-Day. The 4-Day has potential for Stage 3 Expansion and price action going UP with expansion of the B-Bands. We are waiting for the Blue LSMA in the 11-Day and 12-Day to go above Level 50 to create cause for expansion of the B-Bands and price action to go UP with that expansion. It appears the Blue LSMA may "close" above Level 50 the 11-Day candle beginning "The 5th of November..." The candle AFTER that candle; we can anticipate potential significant expansion. The odds will be quite high for expansion at that point anyway.

This publication mainly focused on the Near and Mid Term Group of time frames. Therefore, the "Long" label I've tagged to this publication is for the Near, Long and Mid Term Group of time frames. I currently do not have the time to monitor and provide signals for Short and/or Immediate Group of time frames at present.

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MACRO Group:

Long Term Group:

Mid Term Group:

Near Term Group:

Short Term Group:

FIB Study Chart:

History of Bitcoin; Wyckoff Method:

Long Term Accumulation Schematic:

Near Term RE-Accumulation Schematic:
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Current on-going Downward Pressure Races to consider watching...

3-Hr White Energy against the 6-Hr Red RSI - Can the White Energy in the 3-Hr rise above Level 50 to trigger upward pressure BEFORE the Red RSI in the 6-Hr can come down below Level 50 to trigger downward pressure?

4-Hr White Energy against the 8-Hr Red RSI - Can the White Energy in the 4-Hr rise above Level 50 to trigger upward pressure BEFORE the Red RSI in the 8-Hr can come down below Level 50 to trigger downward pressure?

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We have a new 12-Hr, 24-Hr, 2-Day and 3-Day in approximately 4.5 hours.

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Previously, we went up to the 3.618 FIB Extension Price Range:

Will this next time be the 3.618 FIB Extension Price Range or the 2.618 FIB Extension Price Range? We will look for exhaustion as the price goes up to try to determine which FIB Extension is potentially our TOP.
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The last chart was the 3-Day instead of the 8-hour; mainly to show I use the highest wick and highest close in the 3-Day most of the time when determining a potential future target range for near, mid or long term. IMPORTANT: While my chart is in LOG scale, my FIB is "NOT" based on Log Scale.

Here's a look at the new FIB Extension price range projections in the 8-Hour.
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5-Day time frame:
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I see I'm getting messages again with request for access to the indicators. New followers may not be aware they can use these indicators and have access to them. I made them public for all to use. Watch the following video to learn how to add them to your charts.

Setting Up Indicators in Multi-Chart Window for Multiple Groups
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NEW FOLLOWERS: Here's a source for BASIC knowledge on Wyckoff Method. I do not use "Point & Figure" to determine a target range for events within phases. I use Pitchforks with Fibonacci inputs for Diagonal target ranges and I use the Fibonacci Tool to plot lines for Horizontal target ranges. I also use the Bad Ass B-Bands indicator to help me with a price range of where the price may fall or may rise to.

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FREE eBooks on trading and/or analytics...

Search "Richard Wyckoff" for four (4) of his books.

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BTCUSD: Downward Pressure Continues for the Short Term Group.
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BTCUSD: Remember... We Are Expansion Hunters...

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