BTC's dealer wait for me. Drive slowly and pick me up

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTC is planning big moves, but some other currencies have already started their show!

Looking back on the good news like XRP led to the recovery of the whole mainstream currency, but in fact, like the last straw on the camel, it just came to the right time and chose the right coin, it just came just right.

Well, it's been another month since the August 25th issue of "bitcoin!

Let's hope bitcoin goes down a little bit, give us a seat... Or else!

After all this time, if I miss this wave, I'll really break my thigh...

The figure has been given.
Comment: The expected callback did not appear, but also become a luxury, fortunate to catch up with the point, but is a light warehouse...