BTCUSD - Over 80% to the Centerline

Tr8dingN3rd Updated   
If you trade with Allan Andrews Pitchforks, then you know the framework and the rules.

Rule Nr. 1 says: Price reaches the CL over 80% of time.

In the current context of BTCUSD, that means a huge potential on gains if entering the market now or in the near future.

But of course, we can't just trade off of this rule alone.
What else would give us as traders the right to take a Long position in BTCUSD?

Watch how price is stair stepping!
Why does price that?
From the perspective of a Forker, I would say that the pendulum is in a up-swing.

And currently, if you are a trader not a hodler, then there's even a good Risk to Reward ratio, when putting a stop/loss below the last pivot low.

As a position trader, I would say, it's a good level to load the boat even more.

But beware!
If price cant keep up with this steep angle to the upside, and starts to open and close below the Lower Line of the Fork (The L-MLH or Lower Medianline Parallel), then there is a high possibility that price as other plans, than going up to the Centerline (Medianline).

Talk soon... §8-)
Here it is, the Battery is unloading...


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