Thoughts about BTCUSD

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I want to share with you my thoughts on bitcoin . Why short at the moment? Let's look at all the arguments in favor of a SHORT.
1.Divergence. When bitcoin breaking through the mirror level 9200, there was divergence. This is the first sign of a price reversal.
2. Resume sales. We see a strong resumption of sales from the zone of 9500 - 10000. The seller was able to return the price to a mirror level of 9200 in volume .
3. The head-shoulders pattern is now being formed
4. Halving. Everyone knows that there was a halving yesterday. Everyone expected the price to go up. But purchases are very weak, which tells us that there is no strong buyer in bitcoin .
At the moment, short is priority. But trading must be flexible. If I see a strong buyer, and weak sales, I will change my mind and look for an entry point up.
Write your thoughts on Bitcoin , who agrees and who disagrees. Thanks to all!
Trade active: Guys, prise breaks trendline, its a good entry point to Short