Close BTCUSD Long position.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Close BTCUSD Long position. The basic concept of my current analysis remains fractal mathematics. My previous analysis was very accurate. From my previous analysis you can see that bitcoin may have reached the target price. This target price coincides with the W1ATR 50% which is a strong trend reversal level. Therefore, I expect the rise from this level to reverse and start a sustained weakening with the first fractal mapping in the chart. Hence, I expect a SHORT entry. Alternatively, I expect a sustained downward wave to develop with a target price of 10313 usd.

Trade active


Hey Mes, do you believe BTC is in a ABC correction and we are heading to a bear long term bear market?
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@Tez8 no, check onchain metrics, weak hands get rekt, old school bitcoin OGs are buying like fuck
Tez8 AntonioFarigu
@AntonioFarigu, I am asking Mes b/c he has his chart indicating a $10k BTC. Maybe he has some additional thinking.

I am bullish long term.
What has changed that the forecast become extremely bearish from extremely bullish?
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@mikeUkTrading I wonder oooo
@mikeUkTrading after a month he will be extra bullish again
he changes his mind daily I think
Can you update on this trade. Is the short still active??
Hello Meszaros
I think is a next week target can be higher moves is looks like a bearish flag coming down to the level where is some IPA and then a nice swing up.
What do you think?
And there is a potential kill zone on the 3D time frame with heavy bearish pressure from a massive dump. Price may rise to 45,000 which would sweeten the kill! LOL! 😲🤣🤦‍♂️
Wow same as my analysis... if this happen, consider my life settled 😀