Humor Me [Bullish ST Perspective] (Jan 4th through Feb 2021)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin /USD rates (January 4th 2021 through Februrary 2021)

Low: $30,968
High: $54,242

This could be very wrong but if $34k wasn't the top, $54k could be the next major stop. I suspect if bitcoin doesn't exceed 35k and find a new ATH within 4-6 weeks, we could be seeing the very beginning of a crash. But I don't want to misinform anyone by accident, so take all of this with a grain of salt and DYOR!

If we get a major reaction off my 2.618 fib at $54k, it could end up being a good swing trading opportunity! There's potential for other key levels to be around $74k and $86k. If Bitcoin goes to $86k, it could be the start to a bear market but until then Im just watching closely!

I''ll post a second chart here soon of what price action could potentially look like in a longer term setting. This chart is only intended for short term and finding the next major Bitcoin peak.

In case this bullish idea ends up being wrong, a bearish perspective can be found below:

Thanks for tuning in :) Disclaimer, anyone in the trade needs to do their own due diligence and decide what is right for YOU. My charts can be wrong at any time and it's very important that you have your own strategies and plans in place. I run this channel for my own educational purposes of learning to trade, and I will never be 100% right, so please do not let me confirm any bias for you! (Dangerous to do so, stay safe and remember the basics & rules of risk assessment.) Expect the unexpected and happy trading!

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