Definition of Insanity (Dec 6th 2020 - Mar 31st 2021)

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BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin /USD rates (December 6th 2020 through March 31st 2021)

Low: $2,227
High: $25,300

Going to go against the grain here, I believe bitcoin could top off in the $21-31k range before we reset once again. I also believe the most optimistic potential targets could end up at $37-56k but the chances of that actually happening within the next 4 months are most likely incredibly slim. $25k is the most realistic ceiling and I'm seeing confirmation from some masters of these trades that $25k is a safe target before potential fallout comes.

If we don't go straight to $25k, there is total potential for $15-17k (even as low as $14k) within the next month, and then we could still be on the way to $25k. Many may disagree with this, but I'm under the impression bitcoin could still drop as low as $2,000 - $7,000 range even if just temporarily, after we finally complete this bull run. When looking at 2016 through 2019, it seems fitting to apply some basic alternation with the staircase price movements we are having during this current wave, potential of a flash crash seems to be looming...

Nothing is absolute but these are some of my ideas of how the next 4-6 months could play out in my opinion. Still trying to learn more!

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Thanks for tuning in :) Disclaimer, anyone in the trade needs to do their own due diligence and decide what is right for YOU. My charts can be wrong at any time and it's very important that you have your own strategies and plans in place. I run this channel for my own educational purposes of learning to trade, and I will never be 100% right, so please do not let me confirm any bias for you! (Dangerous to do so, stay safe and remember the basics & rules of risk assessment.) Expect the unexpected and happy trading!
I believe time is running out! The $15k December 2020 target I came up with definitely isn't happening at this point until after we finish and plateau around 24-25k levels, but it's interesting to see Bitcoin hold in the channel I suspected we were in!