Short Rebound Comes Around (Dec 30th 2020)

After a week of deliberating the shorts falloff since bitcoin kept reaching new all time highs almost every couple days, I think we still have to find a bottom for the shorts crowd and then the market will really be in a golden euphoria. But does the smart money love my incorrect charts? I'm trying to learn, I swear!

I think bitcoin COULD go down in a few days and then shorts will go up inversely, and shortly afterward the trend will reverse on both sides? I need some popcorn for this one.

Thanks for tuning in :) Disclaimer, anyone in the trade needs to do their own due diligence and decide what is right for YOU. My charts can be wrong at any time and it's very important that you have your own strategies and plans in place. I run this channel for my own educational purposes of learning to trade, and I will never be 100% right, so please do not let me confirm any bias for you! (Dangerous to do so, stay safe and remember the basics & rules of risk assessment.) Expect the unexpected and happy trading!