Investment tips/lessons on bitcoin

This tips/lesson applies to every stock or crypto or any other financial instrument, that you truly belive in and have done your own research on.
Imagine you are a late #bitcoin investor and on the 28th of May you decide to invest in bitcoin , first you should set yourself a long term target. I have shown on the graph an example of $33000 per bitcoin and here is my tips, how you should had invested to succeed and how much your investment will give you! Lets say you have a salary of $1000 per month and your investment is 10% of your income, so that should be $100, each month.
On 1st of June 2019 you purchase your first bitcoin at a price of $12000 that's 0,00833333, 2nd purchase 0,00914746, 3rd - 0,00960799, 4th - 0,01256281, 5th - 0,01136364, 6th - 0,01342282, 7th - 0,01333333, 8th - 0,00968992, 9th - 0,01219512, 10th - 0,01449275, 11th - 0,01136364, 12th - 0,01052632, 13th - 0,01111111, 14th - 0,00862069, 15th - 0,00862069, 16th - 0,00943396, 17th - 0,00649351, 18th - 0,00510204. So that's 1,5 year of investment and it equals to 0,18542112 btc which was $1800. 28th of December you reach your target and yor income will equal to $6118 ($33000*0,18542112). So you have gained *3 of your investment, after only one year and a half, it's not bad! What do you think?
Thats a little secret how to be a success and you don't have to trade