Slowly waiting for the breakout zzZzzZzz

Fed is buying bonds and ETFs at 5 year maturity rate leveraged 10:1 by the treasury
Fed is taking on debts of small cities with population 500k or less
Lending out billions of dollars to EU.

Market is stimulated by ghost money, happy investors happy to spend money on many assets, creating a fomo bubble that will probably end up parabolic and explode.
Out of the ashes, bitcoin pops up, wings flappin, caw caw. Or blockchain was a testrun by the communists and it will go down and be replaced with a governmental approved blockchain coin.( gold as reserve if they are kind)

ETA 1-5 years.

Trump wins, dont want to look bad so he lets Powell print money and buy etfs(which he owns $12m of personal money in Blackrock ETF and $16m with Goldman sachs, yikes), ruin the economy down the line, devaluing dollar, shit goes boom.

OR a second corona wave comes 'online' and we truly have a recession/depression on the line. If so this rally(and SPX ) was a dead cat bounce for sure.

50/50 bear/bull on crypto and regular markets atm, if we go above this little pause we are having across the board then its 90% long bias.
Comment: spx looking abit exhausted but printer starts 10th next month?