BTC has tried to beat $ 10,000 several times

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Let's look at the technical analysis and the possible development scenario:

Our 1st support perfectly confirms its role, and we see higher lows there with a nice reflection from their clouds on multiple time frames.
Bears scenario, possible drop to $ 9000 to current support, if it does not withstand a possible direction to the very important 1st support to $ 8,400
Bulls scenario, if we get above $ 10,000 and stay here longer we will confirm the long-term trend and it will mean a lot and a big impetus for further growth

Trading tips:
At this time, wait for the reactions of one or the other party
If we get to the $ 9000 area try to open a LONG with SL for $ 8750, then open a LONG in the $ 8400 area SL 8150
Short orders, we can try in the $ 10,000 area with SL to $ 10,250