BTCUSD just hit some sl of buyers and is ready to reach new high

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As we can see and it is clear by high volume bitcoin just break 30000 and that was not valid one beacuse daily or at least even 4h candles close above that 30000$ and if this rise continue then this fake breakout was strong reversal candle like previous fake outs .

still we are looking for targets like 40K and 43K to reach before any hard dump .

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Bruh, it's not good to be Up only. You didn't see the 28k dump, and I think I told ya it's going to kill the 30k limit.
This is a dead cat bounce to cool off some high timeframe RSIs and rekt some late shorters.
From here to 24k or below, the level of support is so tiny that it will do max damage at the psychological level on a lot of "investors." Under 26k, that crackhead Saylor will be negative with his gambling position, and the massive H&S formation will be 100% validated.
When doing trading, also look at the surrounding things outside the chart.
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ChristG11 y01004750
@y01004750, agree on that!! :D
MMBTtrader y01004750
@y01004750, based on what i can see i expect 38K 40K and if some condition seen 42K soon
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y01004750 MMBTtrader
@MMBTtrader, Based on what I see, this was the last chance for "Bulls Maximalis" to exit.
It's also Phase D of the Wyckoff distribution with UT on 14 Apr when I yelled it was the top

Sorry, but it's not the chart all the time.
xlren MMBTtrader
@MMBTtrader, that's what we are saying since the crash of 19 may lol, and now we are closer to 29k than 42k. Reading chart with copium is not good, the market is very bearish, if there is no strong bull momentum BTC will head to sub 30k.
Kaloian MMBTtrader
@MMBTtrader, Based on my View and i exp and dont judge me by my junior account i wont enter with my main in these posts.. you are horribly wrong... this thing will hit 25 like will go for moments even lower if you know the Accumulation structure.. the support you look is starting around 16662 toping around be my guest i will be grinding salt tho ...
Kaloian y01004750
@y01004750, yep you are right tho 26k is optimistic the bottom at SC is in the Accomulation that's is coming will bottom lower than 25k for couple hours you know that long wick in the institution bars then make move around that 25k, my opinion and I am going to hunt that wick like hell
y01004750 Kaloian
@Kaloian, BTC will go way down than 25k. Way, way down but maybe it will do a bump somewhere in between now and my target price.
Right now we have a 100% confirmed massive H&S that would devastate probably 99% of the "investors".
If BTC will not break the 42k resistance, it's going to be more than a crypto winter.
And it won't