BTC Reversal To Bull?

After a period of red, could we see a period of green due to strong support and continual bullish news?
Trade active: We are seeing quite an uptrend!

For 1HR Chart Analysis:
- EMA Formed a golden cross
- EMA are diverging in a bullish pattern
- Might see a minor reversal in terms of MACD and RSI (40k support) but it looks overall bullish

For 4HR Chart Analysis:
- Golden cross is imminent, have not seen it for weeks on end!
- MACD Momentum looks strong by the diverging uptrend lines
- RSI although above 70, still in a healthy spot for bullish growth
Comment: The minor reversal is here:

# 4 HR chart still looking bullish with good momentum. Probably indicating a bullish momentum in the "long run"
# 1 HR chart is looking like a reversal is in play
# 30 minute chart indicates there is already a reversal.

Expecting a minor correction to an utmost down of 37k (could still hover around 38-39k) and then a continual bullish movement upward past 40k. Or it can consolidate in the region for the short being.
Trade closed: target reached: Please check out my updated TA named V2 that follows up on this