BTCUSDT: More drop expected

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
Hello Traders! The market dropped as predicted. If you were already alert about this drop then give like on my posts for appreciation.

After that breakout of the rising wedge pattern, I am expecting market price to test the breakout and then it will be ready to fall again. This test area is at the 0.618 Fibonacci level which is a strong reversal point. So be ready for another drop and I have also predicted the time of retest and drop, (This time prediction method is my new strategy and it's under testing, once it is completed then Market will not just show the correct direction it will also give perfect timing).

Bitcoin is aiming to touch 42000$ Support.

I will post step by step Analysis, once the current prediction is fulfilled, I will update it.

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Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered. If you are playing the momentum game, you want to try to get in at the end of the beginning and get out at the beginning of the end, don’t try to bottom tic don’t try to top tic; try to play that middle game, and make sure you stay informed don’t be the last guy.
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Aadil1000x IDiDNTHODL
@IDiDNTHODL, Don't worry, I will be ahead of all because i know what's the end and you just stay connected so you don't get lost.
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Bitcoin will rise beyond 52K hopefully ,may take couple of days; Thank you for your guidance
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when it will go up any prediction
Aadil1000x muhammadnoman786100
@muhammadnoman786100, From 28th May, i have updated the btc idea
What would be your prediction after it hits 42000$ support?
Should I sell all coins now!? I'm in loss already!
Aadil1000x TheCryptoHuntR7
@TheCryptoHuntR7, I informed a week ago that all coins are at risk
@Aadil1000x, if I hold is there any chance to recover again?