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$18,000+ USD for SINGLE bitcoin .....

(1st bull run for learning, the 2nd for earning)

I've been wrong since $10,500 and have shorted the local bottom multiple times (this is my 1st year learning how to trade from 0 experience) Where did i do wrong? At $8800 my predictions were breaking the historical resistance ($10,500) followed by an impulse move to $13,800. We topped out at $12,500 and retested the old resistance which now was acting as support ($9800-$10,500) This year I've paid my traders tuition and now I've experienced both macro crazy pumps and dumps. I've learned many good lessons since my first trade (April-May 2020) and I'm excited for 2021 and the future.

Risk management #1
Confidence #2
Saucy trading strategy #3
Market psychology #4
Market sentiment #5)

We're VERY close to breaking ATH's and entering price discovery but a correction is over due (price being overbought / oscillators high) also don't mean much when bitcoin has its momentum while going parabolic in a bull run (fighting the trend will result in liquidation and blowing an entire account)

An expert is someone who's failed in all area's and learned how to adapt

Looking forward to 2021 and the rest of the decade as bitcoin further develops and builds a solid foundation going into the future