Crazy Divergence RSI

KUCOIN:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
With the ETF news coming out tomorrow I think we could see one final fake out pump to trap some bulls before we head to the downside....

The reasons being...

- Extremely bearish divergence on the 1 Week Chart as well as the 4H , 1D , 3D

- ETF news coming out tomorrow (Buy the rumor, Sell the news)

- Long overdue for correction

- Still havent broken above the yellow line as graphed.

- One of the top 3 largest BTC holders have been heavily unloading since 50k.

- Everyone is optimistic - Greed/Fear Index is at EXTREME GREED

- Volume is significantly lower than the last time we were at this price.

- Most bears have flipped bulls due to weekly candle close at ATH