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With the ETF news we have seen BULLS breaking all the resistances and currently BTC is sitting there just 2% below the previous ATH .

We still have to find out if this ETF was sell the news event or does it really have what it takes to take BTC to the new ATH! Right now these are mostly all these old retailers fomoing in at the top and we'll see it on Monday what really happens when we see the final news.

Right now to me it looks like that BTC is going for the ATH very soon!

This is not a financial advice, it is very risky until we break the final resistance of the last ATH I'll try to reduce my exposure but I do think that BTC is ready for another leg up after some corrections and we might break the resistances.

This is my bullish bias, anything can happen with the final news, but I do hope and I do think we're going to break the previous ATH!

Be Safe!

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Trade closed: target reached: Monster entry!

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