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the market surprised all of us, we already predicted a correction for btc n we said that it may touch 31 k n bounce n this what happened.

the surprise was in alts not with BTC .

SXP for example made 45% correction ... damn !!

from my point of view, at this moment when u r reading this article if u had alts whatever they r n still holding, so don't sell.

before u ask me what is the benefit from holding after what happened let me ask u what the benefit from selling now??

some of us already lost 50% to 80% what else u can be losing more than this.

but if u chose to hold we have a huge possibility to get lower loss than this n we have small probability to make profits since our entries if we wait.

I think it maybe take a week or two to recover for market, believe me guys no bearish market get in this quick time.

look at history when bull run ends the bearish market can last for months or years not just a week or two, n as u see with high possibility we r already in dip.

we have a golden rule which says: " what go up quickly, go down quickly " n we can also say that: "what go down quickly not a bearish market at all"

maybe correction or bad fundamentals but this wont last too much for alts.

it doesn't make sense at all to get $1.80 Xrp on 2021 bull run while in 2017 it reached $3.85, other alts having the same idea like LTC, NEO , DASH, CRV n other

I believe we still have a continue this is not the end !!

I wont sell anything but I wont open any positions n consider futures NOT ALLOWED at this time.

I don't advice to add more now until we get confirmation that we wont get lower !!

forget about your wallets n leave it for time n u wont regret it.

we all have a great loss at the moment remember this.


You have 99,9 % of right 👍🏻 I am fairly new on this market but I have been saying for over a month to my colleagues it has to fall down. Nothing can grow like this without a deep price correction. People are blind and crazy and then they lose everything. Good look 😉
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This is where whales make money.
Let's make the market shiny n let people here that Xrp to 10 n ada to 20 n btc to 500k then makes them puts their whole money in..
N on a second whales sell everything n open short positions n make money then buy again...
This is how crypto works since its beginning
you said 23k but now 42! when we buy? what we do?
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Hi Bro, do u think btc will arrived at to 20++k area? If it does i think Thats the time we start to Average the loses, does it make sense?
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Personally I don't think that btc will go under or to 20k, whales r buying right now we already 50% down...
If it went to 20k n it holds I'll be buying
Bro one thing i Dun quite understand, 1st elon come out with the news, 2nd china . Look always are whales with their news to move the market. Now Maybe te whales are buying portion of te dip. Is there a possibility Where the whole world combine together, Since Now Its moving up some, all of us continue dumping Every cryto, forget about our loses for now. Becoz at te end of te day, we Might not need So much cash to purchase. Give the whales a surprise which they always does to us. Its seems impossible, But we Pple need to unite.
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if u asked me, I think this is the best thing we should be doing, but unfortunately we cant do so cuz all of individuals money who will participate wont even come 20% of what the whales have if they combined together too.

they always win cuz they always have more money n power than us.

however if we considered that we will be more strong, it should be organized n prepared to raise the price on many waves, n wall street pets group on reddit website already made the same idea with game stop share but at this time elon musk were against whales. but this time he is with them.
23k?that much? Holy shit
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It is a predicted scenario but I think we won't get that lower
Thanks for sharing. You're telling the truth even though it hurts