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Many of people think that to make money in crypto they should understand projects or technical analysis n even me too used to think like that at the beginning, cuz this is a financial market.


that way of thinking needs a regulated financial market but crypto currency is not like that.

firstly u should know that u will make money when others lose money.

Mainly our competitors in market r the whales cuz they r the ones that could decide the coming step.

we r in a bull run that's correct.

but they r greedy enough to think about even talking our profits by the traps they r doing.

half of the bull run already ended n people made money n all thinking about bullish scenario. this is the time for a trap !!

this is the time to turn the table n play it dirty, lets short they said.

with the help of the exchanges, they shorted all of coins they made money from our previous profits by liquidating our future long positions n by making people panic selling.


a huge whales alert came true when btc reached 30k.

more than 1T transferred in Usdt n other coins to different exchanges.

how we r in bearish n Morgan holding BTC ?? n Tesla holding too n many other whales.

no bearish market at all.

we got 70% down from ATH prices for most coins, nothing to go down more !!

n u will figure out that it is fake play when it finishes too quickly, they wont let other buy in a premium price like them.

if the market would like to correct naturally will take its time, if the market would like to have a bull run will take its time.

but if we would like to pumb a coin will temporarily go up n will fall again.

n if we would like to dump a coin will temporarily go down n will raise up again, this is exactly what happened.

look to the inflation , look to the business n technology that stands behind crypto.

whales know how much it worth they will never sell, n if they will do so cuz they will buy lower n make profits from our selling.

I will hold proudly even my alts reached 0.

they r repeating the same scenario of 2008 crisis but with different way.

new joiners since the bull run till now haven't seen a play like that before that's why they r perfect targets for whales.

excessive bad planned news : Musk's tweets - China ban crypto - India ban crypto n other dump news.

btw china is first dirty player, they already banned crypto since its creature, that's why binance is out of china.

china is the hugest population ever n have the hugest bitcoin miners all over the world.

china is already making her own digital currency.

what crypto did she ban?!!

just dumping news to make money.

I will hold n hold n hold

I hope its clear enough for all of u guys


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very interesting..thank you..!!
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Thank you for your amazing message.
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