based on our previous chart as we predicted that BTC .D will broke this supports level n already did it.

on that same chart we r saying that there r small bounces up a long the way.

the national trend is downward n alts will make profits but not at the moment.

for NOW what to do is simply:-

1- Dont sell alts for now just hold, less than 3 months n everything will back again like it was n BTC .D will start again falling down.

2- Dont buy ALTS for now, of course that is discount but it wont go higher at the moment n we will see more discounted prices.


why to buy BTC ??

  • BTC .D is bouncing up n it will take weeks to fell down again, so for the current phase it is the best investment choice.

  • whales alert figured out at 30 k support, my opinion that they wont get the price lower than that, n even if it went they wont sold they will buy more BTC .

  • look at the past movements since 2013, BTC always moves first, whatever we r bearish or bullish , it always leads the markets in either direction. we already went to 30k after 65k ATH .

  • the worst scenario for btc that it will touch 18k support n I think wont happen.

  • this wave can make from 2x - 4x from the currently price, which means if we bounced up successfully from here we can see 60k - 90k - 120k then it wall fall down n we will flip to alts at the point.