Easy money while market is dumping

okay to avoid any inconvenience, I wont sell any xrp from my spot.

we should take a look at the market situation right now n try to get an advantage from it.

yup we r bullish on alts n xrp on long term n we advised to hold n even myself still holding.

but on short term a huge dump wave is coming, don't panic forget about your spot for some time, n accept the market situation n see effectively what to do in order to recover from the last recent loss.

we will hold our spot, but u must take an advantage from this volatile market to, we should be playing with whales on the current time to avoid being victim.

so within the coming days we will post more than one strategy n more than one plane we gonna share it here to help us all make decent profits even if the market is going down.

n just expect that we gonna short some specific coins in these coming days.

Right now for XRP:-

  • As we can see that xrp is making a lower highs n higher lows since we touched $2 maybe we r falling from cliff so amazing opportunity to short.
  • We r bullish on the very short term, we still have potential to reach from $1.25 - $1.35.
  • I will short from $1.25 - $1.28 - $1.35.
  • we can expect a hard correction may reach to 40 /50 cents area. (this where I will add more bags on my spot)
  • Expected time to that bearish wave about 7 to 14 days.

tip: this is extra for u all I just would like to share, if u r thinking that it makes no sense to hold on spot hoping it go higher n shorting in future, so I will tell u that trading needs flexibility, effective strategies n clear honesty with yourself, yup we stuck we gonna lose (if we sell our spot), however u should wake up from that loss n think how to take advantage of the market.

whales r making price down?? or even the market is correcting ??

good, LETS SHORT IT !!!

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Thank you.


Great job, whatever you said about Bitcoin came true. Of course your alt coin predictions did not come true for the time being because of the sudden market change. I will certainly take your advice. By the way, you are talking about shorting xrp when it hits 1.25 or so. After a huge dump, what is your expectations about xrp.
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This is the market my friend lose n win, no one is just wining
For Xrp after this huge dump, it can go much lower than that or we can see an uptrend started right there, it will updated but for longterm I will be adding bags at 40 cents in all ways
@BTC-fire, great man, thanks...
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