Immediate short opportunity for BTC/USDT before heading to 40K..

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Bitcoin's price today is at $38k level, with a 24-hour price decrese of -1.84%.

As predicted, price is headed to test 40k resistance level , with already 4 out of 5 targets reached since the LONG signal. MACD crossover, indicating a strong bullish pattern . Traders who have bought at the stated entry price could benefit 31% gains!

Even if in the long run my expectations are bullish , an immediate opportunity has been spotted! Daily or swing traders may partially disinvest from the long position & go short !

ENTRY PRICE: > $ 38 k
TARGET: $34k / 33k / 32 k
STOPLOSS: $39.4k

Historically, whenever the price had a rally from the bottom of the keltner channel to the upside, an immediate pullback occured to the lower side of the channel.

RSI index is strongly overbought and there has been already a volume cofirmation, all those being signs of a possible pullback up to 32k area.

I expect the asset to consolidate then in 32k - 36k range, before going up to 40k in mid August as predicted.