#BTCDAILY - 20.2.21 Another Day, Another ATH

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Please note this was yesterdays analysis but posted privately by accident ffs
#BTCDAILY - 20.2.21
Another Day, Another ATH

Push to 60k, Big dump to 55k or below

60k - 400BTC
57.9k - 150BTC

$55.7k - 150 BTC

VOLUME: Decreasing Consolidation > Larger move coming


Local Support: $50.5k
Next Support: $48k

Local Resistance: $52.6k
Next Resistance: $55k

Top Fundamentals:
- $50k broken and held - Bullish
- Mt.Gox 160k BTC Creditor Distribution rehab programme filed (Still Looming!!!)- Bearish
-Coinbase, readying for public listing, gets $77B valuation from Nasdaq private market - Bullish raises $120 million to tackle growing institutional demand for Bitcoin - Bullish
- MicroStrategy Sells Off $1 Billion of Debt to Buy More Bitcoin
-World’s largest asset manager BlackRock confirms they’re looking into Bitcoin - V. Bullish
- British private jet firm says 19% of its tickets are bought via Bitcoin - Bullish
- Crypto Reaches $1.7 Trillion As Bitcoin Eats into Gold - V. Bullish
- JP Morgan Says It Would Offer Bitcoin if Client Demand Soars - Bullish
- Mastercard and Island Pay Launch World’s First Central Bank Digital Currency-Linked Card - V. Bullish
- Stimulus expected top up no later than 14th March - Extremely Bullish
- BTC Breaks 1 Trillion Market Cap - Bullish

Personal Opinion:
Another day, another ATH this time almost touching $58k - $60k looks almost inevitable now. We are trading during the weekend so a lot of expected FOMO from armchair traders with a sharp snap sell off on the turn of Sunday evening to Monday morning. Big few days for BTC more limelight flipping TenCent - next up Google whilst breaking 1 Trillion Dollar market cap!

The big fundamental for me is Michael Saylor and the $1b in debt sell off - we all know that that is not speculation by now - with that in mind. Mr prediction is a test of the $60k resistance as I believe there will be a much larger sell wall than 400 BTC sitting there in the next 24 hours - a very nasty crash to 55k region which is where Santa Saylor will be sitting with an extremely large buy pushing it back to $60k within 48hours and the journey to $70k begins. No sign of bears just yet.

My only concerns for BTC right now is that governments globally depending on their stances towards crypto will be the only thing that can stop this juggernaut.

My long term consensus now is about 85% sure we will see $75k in this run and now about 51% sure we will be seeing $100k!
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