Bitcoin, I will buy it only if trend line break out happens

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Bitcoin , I will buy it only if trend line break out happens
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Ihmo short term it all boils down to breakout a descending broadening wedge and set a higher high over 35k.
There's a possible bullish pennant / flag ongoing, hence a first exit route.

Failing that back to the drawing board.
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ft-73 ft-73
@ft-73, here it, is at resistance.

Now the DIFFICULT part, breaking out the descending wedge finding a measured move up.
Volume matters from here onwards.

better not failing this opportunity for bulls.

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@ft-73, Wish I would have seen this earlier. Was in a short from 33.6, way ahead 8 hours ago and just now had to sell at a loss. Still expecting to test the lows but man did they run me right out of my trade.
ft-73 ClearOpenDoor
@ClearOpenDoor, usually a descending broadening wedge breaks up about 70% of the time.
Sure TF 1H has much noise, but it's a bit risky playing the short game here, maybe above.
Anyway it's at resistance now, hence the hard game starts here.
Let's see.
Bitcoin going to $25k
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Especially with the weekend coming it's better to wait and see how it plays out by Sunday evening
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Yuri please, ADA update?
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shav of you? what does that mean