Will Bitcoin retrace hard or it is a correction

There are many ideas about where and how deep BTC will fall, but right now it is not a time to dream about Bitcoin of 1800 or 900 dollars per unit.
Today we see that decision to sell all Bitcoins on a 7400 mark was right and we see corrective price action.
Why do I say corrective, as now we have many supportive lanes and areas that we have to breach before we go bearish again?
Do I think we will breach it? Today i do not. After some days we will see.
I do not like analyzes and prediction i am a trader and I trade what I see from charts. I use a lot of indicators I use the chart and I trade only what I see, not I want to see.
Right now we have a correction and how deep it can be is shown on a chart.
Come and check updates.