Must be BTC to 10 k

Hello everyone.
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Like I was writing before I sold all on 7400 and stayed aside. I got a good chance to buy in on a lower end of this correction on a 6480 per one BTC .
Right now I am giving 70 percent chance that we will brake that 7200 with a big impulse.
The problem I see is that we have a weekend and we can make some crazy movements on both sides.
Right now I sold all and my buy-in orders are for braking up some points.
If we will go up, my orders will be filled. If we start to dive, we will be watching from aside.
There is a high possibility that we will make another correction before breaking up, but as I wrote a couple of sentences before, there is a bigger chance that we will breach resistance this time.
IF you don't know what and how to trade, wait for at least 7200 breaches and you can try entering the market. If you are a trader, I suggest entering the market a bit early to not fail to enter on a good price, as an impulse on breaching may be a big one.

Trade closed: target reached: we have reached the MOON


this is my overall view on btcusd, looks interesting
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