Close all my longs! Dangerous, but I expect a correction

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hello dear friends!

Congratulations to each of you on your profitable trading who appreciated my previous post!
For the time being, I close all my long positions and open short, up to levels like 13500-14500k for one bitcoin .
You can throw tomatoes at me - but this is my choice, and I know why I chose this position!

First of all this - is the bitcoin price movement - up-29/down-13

Secondly: The overweight of long positions, which just rolls over!

Thirdly - I want to write to you that there is a new margin on bitcoin .
It is a record high.
Now the margin is $ 1225 or 1225 points. Most likely, the price will be pulled to 100% of the margin, namely 18600 - 18850.

4) is a set of short positions on the CME , which have never been so actively included in such a volume!

and 5 - next week will be red !!!

Otherwise, those who are looking for sales, it is important for you that the instrument closes below 50% of the margin (17950), and only then will it be possible to lower it to 17250 - 17150.