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In every fake phase there is similarities :
- Pervious Trend was massive
- Classical Technical analysis patterns are forming in HTFs
- Difficult to understand what "THEY" are doing (so what it will happen in result)
- Lots of opposites in patterns, indicators reports and a gap between BUY scenarios and SELLs. 2 sides are probable to happen.
- A SHARP move will accrue
- There is fear of missing the trend

Check if you can see this mental games in chart. Think outside the box. Think independently and shine alone like stars.

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I'm not gonna tell you "where/when" the fake phase might end. because I don't know? Maybe (Even if I had that understanding I wouldn't be sharing it). You must do the math to learn.

Look to what happened, understand what it will do next.
Where to look? I separated the different phases and patterns. Now you know "where" to look.
Don't try too hard to figure out "HOW/WHY" I chose some specific price ranges extending or deviations. That's not important at all. Don't try to calculate the math behind them. That's not the case.
Also note there isn't any rule between the probable SIZE of phases ("if a phase was 2 times of Y, so next time it will be also 2x". No)
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Dynamic levels by Pitchfork
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From here a shift is expected. Start of bear run? maybe. or maybe a faster bullish wave. I'm not talking about the "direction". All I'm saying is "a shift" in market profile is started.

My view? down. But I could be wrong.

it's not a financial advice , just be carful.
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