BTC to a retest of the Top and continuation or is it a trap

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Hey fellow traders and analysts , some off you messaged me about my last trade so here is a quick update :
there is a rule on my system if the time is there and the price don't reach the target the trend will reverse and that what happened waited for btc AT 40 and 38 range but it didn't reach it about time so i did wait for a clear setup and got in around 46k ich went full bag ( risky i know) right now i'm targeting the 57900 and 62k and will update all along the ride
Comment: waiting for a close above the green line trend to move my stop
will be closing 20% of my position at each level
the stop loss for me will be a 4h candle close under 46300
Comment: Trade still active as i said in the last update i was waiting for a 4h Close under 46300
expecting a move up in the next 12 hours
Comment: you think there is too much lines on my charts ? think again lol
Comment: This is a bonus For LTC traders
Trade active:
Comment: Will be moving my SL to 50k now
Comment: And for LTC
Comment: Moving My SL to 52300
Comment: T1 reached closed 20% of my position
trade still active
Comment: LTCUSD Update : i hope you're enjoying the freebie ;)