BTC consolidation or breakout ?

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I think 2 possioble scenarios for now

1- Drop to 37K to fill the CME gap and some consolidation around this area before go up

2- Direct breakout of strong resistance (200MA D) around 42k5
(bulls need to close by daily candle above this moving average to gain more momentum)

if bulls success in clear out the strong resistance and close above we will look for bullish movements toward 44k - 46k - 48K++ and test major trend resistance (Violet)

Back in late January and early feb the price Consolidate first before going up
Do you think history will repeat itself again ?

best of luck
Comment: Very Important idea about short term and long term view on BTC dont miss it

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painful part about traidingview is that charts like yours earns congratulations by other famous people while you didn't talk about the second probable direction
painful as hell to know this sharing idea network is a lie
always bullish always optimistic always painting
your welcome sir
keep it up great job nice chart and ...
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Babenski reza_1515
@reza_1515, dont follow my Analysis if you dont like it ..everyone free to share what he is think and iam not always Bullish last week i shared Analysis About Dominance and scenarios for altcoins to dump badly ....and again if you dont like my Analysis dont follow it thats simple
zughayyar Babenski
@Babenski, We traders consider all possibilities, these analysts gives Idea, and there opinion matters. Its you who decide which one more probable.
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Skynetcrypto reza_1515
@reza_1515, Haha lu telat buy ya 🤣😂
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apsnt reza_1515
@reza_1515, The more comments you make the more often your analyses are displayed for others. That being said this is a fairly good analysis although btc seems to be losing steam already on lower tfs.
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yes very possible bullish breakout my frd thx
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@jojofang0901 welcome 🙏
Agreed. Let’s do it!!
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@Investroy lets hope for these scenarios to played out
How about the death cross?
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