BITCOIN Possible acumulation happening

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS

Im seeing a lot of signs for a Mini acumulation zone of BTC , this analysis comes with a trade im doing. Right now the price can be doing 2 things:

1. 20% chance BEARISH > UTAD( Upthrust After Distribution) Test.
2. 80% chance SHORT TERM BULLISH > Start of Phase D, This can be a START of a Tendencial Move to the upper zone of the bigger range Acumulation.

Im trading it from the bottom of the range and have the SL set at entry point 44500.

If option 1 plays out, we are going to visit first 40-42k zone.
If this is option 2 Acumulation last phase, target is 49900, where is dangerous zone, possible bull trap zone, to start another correction.

Trade Safe.


Eng. Alexa

Trade closed manually: Finally was a bull trap.

New Structure forming.