BTC/USDT (60k New All Time High)

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
💎Technical Analysis Summary💎


-Bitcoin finally broke into new All-Time high price today
-The Bulls won the game after reaching above the 60k dollars
-If and only the buyers can hold around 58k dollars for the next few days
-The potential next target is 62k or up to 67k dollars
-We are using Fib extension to find our potential resistance or sell areas
-Once again, congrats on the Bitcoin holders!
-The altcoins are also doing a good job today and I'd expect more to come

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great job totally agree about target 66K
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MMBTtrader MMBTtrader
here is new post we on BTC educational and analysis share do u find it useful bro?
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Great work
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thanks for sharing mate
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Great plan, mate ;)
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Good analysis!!
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we got there real fast, wow. you figure we will hit 75K next?
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Amazing work mate!
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Thank you for the great work! 🦐
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