BTC/USDT (Potential New All-Time High?)

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
💎Technical Analysis Summary💎


-Bitcoin is doing a great job today as the price is a few inches away from the new ATH
-If the recent high can be broken and acceptance above 58k dollars
-I think we can go even higher since there is no longer resistance ahead
-We will be using a Fib extension to determine the potential profit-taking zone
-The price can hit from 60k up to 68k zone in the coming days
-We are following the trend as long as it is giving us a signal to go higher
-The priority remains to the upside, if you missed the boat, wait for a proper pullback
-Please do not FOMO in without a trading plan especially if you do not follow correct risk management
-The altcoin space is doing fantastic today, and most of my trades are in profit already

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thank you for sharing! 🦐
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Great chart
Thanks for sharing

Here is our idea
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Good job
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Hodl #btc till reach new ATH ... shoot to the Moon 🚀🚀
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Thank you! What would you say would be a proper pullback price to buy in?
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PolarHusk JayLazie
@JayLazie, If there is a pullback oppurtunity, wait for a retest of previous resistance or fast-moving averages like 10MA,20MA,50MA on timeframes like 1H,4H,12H,1D
I only hope! Thank you
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So close to the ATH...
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amazing analysis , thanks for the effort.
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waiting for a breakthrough.
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