BTC first attempt to go below 30k

... Today we witnessed the first attempt for BTC to go below, in humble opinion it is normal scenario and it should create fake signal for uptrend. I suspect that when BTC went below 30k it wiped out loads of stop losses which pushed price higher. 200 Ema should dump price in next weeks or days. Be aware that full moon is in next 4 days which is very important when dealing with financial markets. In short there is a higher activity with buying or selling during this period of time.

I think that if BTC will not go below 30k during full moon this could create very solid support to rely on for the next month or so.

to be clear here I am like 80% sure that BTC will go below 30k and will attempt to reach 20k but if it will not in the next weeks or days I would observe how the price will react to the upper resistance/ support area of the channel.