BTCUSDT: Predicting every single step

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Hello traders!

You Might be guessing why there are so many figures in the chart. The trading Method above is a self-made Method and it is one of the most accurate strategy ever. Read below to understand the basics of a true money-making Method.

Currently, we can see BTC is in correction form and it will give a drop soon but this drop will not take Bitcoin to Rock bottom and after that we will see a rise which will be a trap for buyers. Let's understand the strategy for a clear view of the next few steps

The Strategy

The value with points is a breakout the bigger value like 1.2 is the breakout of 1 and 1.1
1.3 is a breakout of 1 and 1.2
1.4 is a breakout of 1 and 1.3

It completes the formation after the 4 breakouts and the new formation will start after that.

There is a different Method to view the chart after the cycle is completed. This strategy needs a complete book to make you understand and this strategy has the capability to predict each and every single step without any struggle.

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so wrong...
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@Lucknu it was more than perfect
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you are being proven WRONG as always!
Aadil1000x TheCryptoHuntR7
Look at the 5 or 15 minute chart and zoom out to the past few days.

It's made the same distribution pattern but at a lower level this time.

I am waiting to go long because I anticipate an upward impulse as well. Will be very risky however.
Aadil1000x ClearOpenDoor
@ClearOpenDoor, Yes buy is a good option for now. After the breakout of the previous low @34500 i will look for a clear sign to go long for the target at 37K
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ClearOpenDoor Aadil1000x
@Aadil1000x, Copy that!