4 position in SHORT- Profit 15130. BTC/USDT <Full analysis>

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
15 Trading Day - Profit - 54826pips/$.... Loses - 4395pips/$

Hello dear friends - I congratulate you on the second achieved take profit - 3830 points are taken from my open trading recommendation.
As for private trading ideas - here you can see the profit yourself, below - under each trading idea.
Full breakdown of the fall.

This is not luck, this is a full-fledged analysis, in which I gave precise recommendations and asked everyone, the second day - not to trade for long position.

This is how people make money on private ideas.
Comment: I start with this trading idea, in which 2 days ago I wrote that there will be a fall !!

False breakout, triangle, price correction? - Yes. BTC/USDT

in my private trading idea was this ...

Hello dear friends.

For you, I described a new post in which I plan to close our long and open a short position, from levels such as 41000-41500


Be prepared for the fact that today, I will write you a #short position.

There are many factors that tell me about a market reversal.

I am mistaken, and you will start throwing tomatoes at me, but this will be only the first, my biggest mistake, during all this time, of our open trade.

🔱Opposition Trade🔱,
I'm closed our #long position and open #short
from 41200

🔱Opposition Trade🔱,


Sell: 41200
Targets: 39950 - 38540 - 37360 - 36630
Stop loss 42200

- All targets - DONE
Comment: 15D Trading: Profit-39726 pips/$ Loss-4395 pips/$ (BTC/USDT)
Now today - I fully described that I am expecting a strong fall in prices --- it happened!

Hello dear friends - For you - a small analysis of the market.

I look forward to the fall - let's see how it will be!

And i open a Short position from this price 40500-40650

Short: 40500-40650
Targets: 39150 - 37960 - 36200 - 35180
Stop loss: 41500
Comment: Also - I made for you an open trading idea, in which we reached 2 targets, and earned a large profit of 3830 points.

Comment: and also wrote that it would be 35,000 for bitcoin ...

But I didn't think it would be that fast. Honestly, I didn't think that

I open a new #short position from 38350

Short: 38350-38150
Targets: 36500 - 34500 - 32500 - 31500
Stop loss: 39850

in a new trading idea I will explain why I entered another short position, I will try to explain each point

you, I have prepared a small, vague analysis, in which you can understand what I mean