BTCUSDT is testing the Weekly resistance 🦐

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
BTCUSDT is testing the Weekly resistance. IF the price will have a breakout from the weekly and retest the previous resistance as new support, we can look for long scenario, otherwise we can see a retracement until the 0.5 Fibonacci level on the previous support.

We don't open a Long Position below weekly resistance
Comment: Weekly
Comment: The Scenario remains the same. Bullish above the weekly resistance.
Comment: The price got a rejection from the weekly resistance as expected. We never open a long position below the weekly resistance
Comment: Perfect bounce on our 4h support and now the price is testing the previous weekly resistance as new support. If the price is going to have the breakout from 4h resistance, we could see another bullish impulse until 50k


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Good one! Hopefully a possible breakout sooner. Thanks
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plancton0618 ezekielromelle
@ezekielromelle, thanks for your comment! 🍿🦐
goood trading !
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@Yalucas, thanks mate 🦐πŸ”₯
good idea thanks
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plancton0618 Nealurtis
@Nealurtis, thanks for your comment! 🍿🦐
great overview and chart, well done.
supplementary to above. I still think we are stuck.
BTCUSD H16: NEUTRAL OUTLOOK / range-locked 30-40K (SL/TP/NEW)
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plancton0618 ProjectSyndicate
@ProjectSyndicate, thanks my friend to share your chart. love it
Good luck to all
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plancton0618 abdellahmibarkie2203
@abdellahmibarkie2203, thanks for your comment and vision 🦐