I have nothing to say but the picture lmao you really thought they would let btc drop like its hot snoop doggy dogg?

Here are some thoughts:

Why do you think every company is going crazy for btc ? because its overpriced??? yes or no

ok after this question I have solved many question in your life.

greetings, your pro trader from binance xD , lmao.


On the analysis we could hit 56k in short term, is this the bottom? could play out mandems, this is the shakira shake out to kick all retailers deep in the balls, so they all leave positions. But I am retarted as f. The hands are made of steel and the balls out of diamonds. I expect a pullback ofc . retest or whatever on da 30m after a pimp to 56k 60k.

I can be fully wrong with the 30m short term call, no financial advice.


What I do care is fokin holding, hold my mandems dont get distracted by shakira shakes. BTC targets are very high, very very high... you will be surprised bears.