As I was saying in a previous analysis the correction of the bitcoin had not enough !
but I think it's the end of the correction and BTC can go lower at 52k or 50 k and after that keep going rising to take another target that I have determined in all previous BTC analysis !
be careful ! Bitcoin has broken the channels that I have drawn in the previous analysis ! thus I think it take a much time to break the all resistance that it has !
so at the first don't be rush and then please do your stop loss in all coins that you buought and wait for another opportunity for buying !
becausee for a now the position of the btc isn't good so just wait and watch the BTC moving and then buy the altcoin that you wanted to buy but they were expensive and now has a suitable price !
like VET , BNB , EOS , OMG , XLM , XRP and ...

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Thanks for your attention 🙏!
Trade well, ❤️